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We make life easier
for real estate

Our Mission

Enhance the expertise of real estate professionals by giving them access to the best ways to achieve strong growth prospects.

Our visions

We offer a simple plateform that becomes the biggest business of your teams and your business to achieve your development goals.

What makes our difference

An incredible team at your service

Our management team combines entrepreneurs with expertise in product design, design, engineering, sales and marketing. Thanks to technology we have developped and our teams, we believe that we can help businesses become more efficient, make better decisions and increase their growth.

Data Mining in Real Estate

We use Data Mining to give you access to predictive real estate analytics and the ability to simply exploit all of the data we provide. Our solution is the best way to significantly improve
your business thanks to the extraordinary qualifications we offer on our tool.

The user is our main concern

We believe that data must be available simply, automatically and in real time to real estate professionals. In other words, our mission is to simplify how to find business. Concentrate on your job, we'll help with the rest!

They trust us

Choose the right

Telescop is the best ally for the real estate professionals. Our role? Offer a plateform that simply identifies real estate opportunities. From research to contracts there is only one step!

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