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Perfect for targeting and finding new owners’ mandates, our software for real estate agents gives you access to sales opportunities such as estates, geolocated properties for sale, but also buildings to prospect in priority. You will also have access to the contact information of all owners of residential properties who have purchased through a non-trading company.

Get in touch with selling owners

After identifying owners, send personalized mailings to those in your area. With its record memorization rate and its paper medium, prospecting by mail is an effective method to get more mandates. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to effectively prospect thousands of owners. With the right information, you will be able to contact the best targets, at the best time!

Make your estimates even more accurate

Telescop enables you to generate property surveys. This document contains information on the selected area (transactions in the area, average selling price per square mile, etc…), nearby services and shops, accessibility but also all information related to the population living in the area. Complete and personalized studies to better understand the market and your sector. This is the essential software for any real estate agent!

The best provider of residential properties in France

11 million

houses and apartment buildings

8 million

properties with names and addresses of owners

5,7 million

properties with owners’ phone numbers (excluding public administrations and social housing offices)

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