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Field oriented, our plateform is simple to use, ergonomic and extraordinary to organize, monitor and develop the best relationships with your prospects and future customers. Telescop is the simplest and most powerful real estate plateform on the market today.

Be more effective while prospecting

Telescop will allow you to find off-market opportunities very simply thanks to our map specifically designed for the real estate market. It is the most effective prospecting software to contact leads !

Increase your business productivity

By allowing you to directly get the right contact and detect real estate projects in one click, Telescop is a great growth accelerator for the brokers. You can use our plateform to target effectively your market, focus on buoyant sectors, optimize your appointments and be more efficient with your customers!

The most accurate real estate database on the market

14 millions

premises with name
and address of the owners

9 millions

premises with telephone numbers of the owners

1,6 million

mono-property buildings with telephone numbers of owners

“The tool is really great. I use it daily with my team and this has allowed us to significantly increase our turnover !”

Simon Yvé - Team Director at Cushman & Wakefield
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